Loom is a practice for cultural transformation.

Powered by dialogue and imagination, Loom provides reflections, propositions, rehearsals, and real-world alternatives that bring people together around urgent issues. Loom develops open, experimental formats to help find and unlock the transformative potential of people, places and organisations.

Building on years of experience and a wide-ranging expertise, Loom creates unexpected ties between independent initiatives and institutions, weaving together people and practices with roots in different worlds.

Loom facilitates conversations, conducts research, curates exhibitions and public programmes, publishes books, consults organisations and develops shared learning experiences.

To document and disseminate our work, Loom employs methodologies such as collective editing and polyvocal archiving to generate publications that spark conversation, give guidance and enable strategic, informed and long-term decision-making.

Loom is grounded in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, and links with an international network in the arts, culture, design, public policy, media and heritage, bringing together local situations and global issues.

Loom is Katía Truijen, Mark Minkjan, Michiel van Iersel, Radna Rumping and René Boer working in close collaboration with an evolving ecosystem of talented and established practitioners.

Interested in learning more about Loom? Have a look at our portfolio, read our values and conditions and get in touch.

Sketch for Time Troublers, a traveling roundtable in collaboration with Urban Futures Studio (Utrecht University) and scenographers Marloes & Wikke, 2022—23.

Katía Truijen is a media researcher, curator and musician. Her work is concerned with bringing people together around practices of listening, archiving, and rehearsing alternative urban, technological and ecological futures.

Mark Minkjan is an urban geographer and architecture critic who writes, does research and makes publications in the form of books, exhibitions and public conversations. He sees spatial habitats as products of cultural and material histories, and as carriers of possible futures.

Michiel van Iersel is a transdisciplinary instigator of new concepts and collaborations with two decades of experience creating transformative projects. He combines his role as part of Loom with a teaching position at the architecture department of ETH Zürich.

Radna Rumping is a curator, artist and advisor on contemporary art and culture. Her work involves public space, radio broadcasting, experimental archiving practices, ways of gathering and conditions of (in)visibility.

René Boer works as a critic, curator and organizer in and beyond the fields of architecture, art, design and heritage, with a focus on spatial justice.